Teeth Whitening

When you meet a person for the first time, your appearance will usually have an immediate influence on how that person reacts to you. Being self-confident and able to give a good impression needs a smile that is genuine and bright.
First impressions last. Sometimes, first impressions are your last ones as they might be the only ones you’ll have the chance to give.
As we age, teeth tend to change in color. They can also stain due to several other things, such as smoking and consuming teeth-staining food and drinks such as tea and coffee.
Your dentist is the person who is qualified to determine whether you need teeth whitening or not. After a good examination, a comprehensive diagnosis will be put your diagnosis in place. The cause and type of tooth discoloration will be obvious. Then, your dentist will provide you with the best and most effective treatment plan.

There are two types of teeth whitening:

1- Teeth whitening in dental clinic:
It is the most commonly applied type of teeth whitening. It is very effective. It whitens your teeth and removes pigmentation without removing any layer of the teeth or damaging them. You will have white teeth that remain intact and untouched.
This is one of the fastest available teeth whitening systems. Teeth whitening is performed in the dental clinic under the supervision of a dentist. A complete mouth whitening (upper and lower teeth) can be performed in the clinic in just about 30 minutes.


2- Home teeth whitening:
Home teeth whitening refers to a method of teeth whitening that is mostly performed at home using home whitening trays or mouthguards. But first you must visit your dentist, who will take an impression of your teeth to make mouthguards that fits perfectlyh to your teeth. Your dentist will explain to you how these mouthguards are used, and will give you a gel to apply. Within ten to fourteen days, you will get whigter teeth and a more beautiful smile.


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