A beautiful natural smile is perfect only when teeth are symmetrically and flawlessly aligned. Every one of us is longing for having such a smile which is precisely the result you can get after orthodontic treatment.


types of orthodontics:
Ceramic are less visible than metal ones. However,
they require increased oral care because they are l
arger and more brittle than mineral.


Invisalign straightens teeth without using wires or braces.
Instead, Invisalign utilizes custom-made removable trays that are visually undetectable, called aligners. Invisalign utilizes a series of transparent, customized trays called aligners, each used for about two weeks, for twenty-two hours daily at least


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    Orthognatic Surgury

    Surgical orthodontics is a combined treatment that includes surgical operation and


    Aesthetic gum treatment

    You should bear in mind that the main cause of tooth loss after the age of forty is due to gum disease

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