Implant Dentistry

Tooth loss may occur for many reasons, such as trauma, pulp necrosis, and severe decay. When it is not possible to treat and rebuild a damaged tooth, the dentist will have to extract and then replace it. Regardless of tooth loss, it is always advisable to compensate for it in order to restore a natural smile, shape, and dental function.

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Implantation is one of the best options to compensate for lost teeth and restore mouth comfort and smile beauty. Implanting provides the cosmetic aspect through crowns and bridges applied to implantation, as well as maintaining the safety of the teeth adjacent to the extraction area intact and untouched.
Dental implants provide new teeth that are very similar to missing natural teeth giving patients the ability to speak, smile, normally eat, feel self-confident and enjoy their activities naturally and smoothly.
Temporary crowns are installed over the implants for a period of one and a half to six months after surgery to avoid the consequences of losing teeth from a change in speech, ineffective chewing, loss of self-confidence, and anxiety about appearance until the doctor compensates for the lost tooth during this period.


Immediate implantation

The immediate implantation process is the ideal option in the event of tooth loss as a result of accidents and trauma because it provides a quick solution, and it is possible that the immediate implantation process can take place in the same session of removing the affected tooth so that it is preceded by careful medical planning and examination to ensure the success of the operation, which makes the patient leave the clinic with new teeth. More beautiful than the old lost tooth.

It must be taken into account that the immediate implantation is not a panacea if the doctor’s instructions are not adhered to and followed to give the new tooth the opportunity to settle in the mouth and recover.

Multiple teeth implants 

In the event that a large number of teeth are lost, replacing the missing teeth with dental implants helps to avoid the problems faced by patients who use removable dentures, despite their ability to compensate for the total teeth loss, are still prone to slipping issues, moving and not fitting properly, causing irritation to the gums and mouth.
In addition to suffering difficulty from chewing and speaking, the patient may take a long time to get used to it. While immediate temporary bridges can be performed on the day of transplantation, in some cases, permanent bridges are applied on the same day.

Cosmetic Bridges
In the event that more than one tooth is lost, the patient from difficulty in chewing and speaking, cosmetic bridges are used to replace the lost teeth with new teeth similar to the natural teeth in terms of shape and color, then connecting them to the neighboring teeth. This will achieve the stability and support necessary to restore the lost natural tooth functions in chewing food and utterance and enjoyment of a beautiful smile.
Dental crowns and bridges can be made of different materials such as zircon, metal alloys, gold, or a combination of these materials.

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